Keep people informed and involved

Publish multi-media, participatory websites to engage your customers, citizens or private stakeholders in a clearer conversation about your projects.


A smarter way to engage

Stickyworld offers a new way to involve wider groups of people in all kinds of projects. Select different methods to engage including discussion forums and surveys. Choose different media including photos, pdfs, maps, 360 panoramas and videos to explain projects and support clearer contextual conversations to inform decision making.

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Help others better understand, review and discuss the project.


Engage with visual media

Stickyworld enables you to present, link and discuss any content relating to your project or topic. Share pictures, documents, maps, videos and even 360 virtual tours.


Host clearer conversations

Smart commenting helps people frame their exact point of view. Visual context improves understanding and encourages more meaningful insights and feedback to be shared.


Evidence involvement

Increase transparency and create more opportunity for people to contribute. Automatic reporting helps evidence the audit trail on decision making and reduces risks in projects.

Why does involving people have to be so hard?

Why does involving people have to be so hard?

Finding the time and space for everyone to meet, properly understand and discuss a project is tough. Regular meetings, exhibitions or presentations take a lot of effort to organise and drive up project costs. Thankfully, Stickyworld offers an easier way to involve wider groups of people in your project.

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About Stickyworld

Our team comes from the worlds of architecture, planning, communications and technology. We are passionate about participation, we believe in the immense value of user insights, and we see the potential for technology to close the feedback loops between end users, project doers, designers and decision makers. Our vision is to enable a world where it is common practice to involve people in designing products, services, buildings and places. This is a world where it easy to learn about, shape or manage the very things we all use everyday, together, and where supporting this essential activity simply makes good business sense.
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There’s an easier way.

You can set up a Stickyworld portal in minutes. Organise different kinds of online participation, either in public or private. Whether sharing and discussing the simplest document or sketch, to exploring full on interactive 360 virtual tours of spaces and engaging in Q and A, Stickyworld makes it easy to involve people in a much clearer conversation about your project.

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Stickyworld works across a wide range of industries where involving people in the process is essential. Customers include designers, architects, developers, housing associations, local authorities, museums and universities. 


Citizen Engagement

Local authorities, councils and community organisations engage local communities in shaping future plans and policies for an area.


Planning Consultation

Contractors, developers, housing associations consult local residents in Stickyworld as part of pre-application consultations for their proposals.


Design Review

Architects and designers organise online design reviews in Stickyworld inviting feedback from clients, colleagues and the wider office.

What customers say

Our solutions work for all kinds of organisations who seek the involvement of people in their work, including local government, developers, housing associations, architects, museums and universities.


“We have found the visual focus of Stickyworld really useful to community groups in helping them engage with their wider community and communicate and get feedback on their ideas.”

- Catherine Greene, Royal College of Art


“The combination of pictures and commentary on the site produced greater clarity of response.”

John Boyle Policy team, Wandsworth Council