Transform how you involve people in your project or across the organisation

Continuous use of Stickyworld can help you transform your stakeholder involvement processes across any project or organisation. Benefits are shared all round making it easy for participants to get involved at a time, place and level to suit them, and in a more engaging and interactive way. Organisers engage in confidence and can manage people's involvement with ease. Time and money is saved in evidencing involvement, whilst derisking projects outcomes and decisions for organisations.




Benefits for participants:

  • Participating is informative, interactive and fun with visual content.
  • Mobile and web interfaces make it convenient to take part.
  • It’s easy to stay informed throughout the project’s life-cycle.




Benefits for organisers:

  • Simple hosted service with no software to install.
  • Offers full control through moderation controls.
  • Enables capture of visual insights and makes reporting easy.




Benefits for organisations:

  • Helps evidence engagement in projects, products and services.
  • Flexible pricing that scales as you grow participant numbers and features.
  • Can export data to existing CRMs.

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