Clearer conversations supported with multimedia contextual commenting

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Stickyworld enables you to host a clearer conversation about your project. Invite people to discuss and share their exact point of view on any presented media. With Stickyworld you can help people understand your projects more quickly, leading to more meaningful dialogue helping you make more informed decisions.Conversations

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Here's how 'clearer conversations' work:



See the big picture; discuss the detail.

Clearer conversations start with presenting relevant content and an invitation to discuss it. Stickyworld gives you the tools to present, augment and link all kinds of visual media, including pictures, maps, 360 imagery and videos. There are several ways to comment in Stickyworld. Your participants can leave general comments, or they can comment on the detail – they simply;click to stick a little comment sticky;exactly on the image.They can zoom in to frame an exact point of view, framing the portion of the image that is associated with their comment. When clicking on a sticky icon, Stickyworld presents you with the exact framed point of view bringing context to the conversation.


Stay in the loop

When participants add comments, room organisers can receive email alerts by default. Any member can also chose to receive email alerts, selecting which types of comments or events they want to subscribe to. Once you have received an email notification, the email will show the point of view image which was saved, and a convenient link to reply to the conversation. In this way, conversations can be framed around a specific point of view, and this helps everyone understand each other faster and progress the conversation.


Evidence people's involvement.

As an organiser you can export PDF reports to capture and archive your engagement and participation projects. Reports can be generated on content engagement, participant engagement, comments and conversations. Stickyworld measures engagement metrics by counting page views, content views and number of members who have joined the room. Separately it records participation metrics as comments, replies, and votes. Once you have the reviewed and deliberated on everyone’s contribution, you can feedback decisions, outcomes or results to participants and let them know the next steps.

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