Who uses Stickyworld

Wards Corner Community Plan

"Stickyworld presents a real tangible way of engaging with people about developments before they occur, and I welcome this as a method of changing the way we conceive our built environment."

Abigail Stevenson
Community Plan Architectural Designer

University of East London

“I have found Stickyworld an invaluable tool. Now I can view student work from home... the students are keen to use Stickyworld and see it as a natural progression from their social networks.”

Janet Insull, Course Leader,
University of East London

Bloomsbury Association

“Stickyworld  allows us to communicate in real time with all the stakeholders in a new and visually engaging way. This allows developers to see the community is active and engage in a way that they were previously unable to do”.

Jim Murray, Bloomsbury Association.