All-in-one crowdsourcing

  Maximise the value of engaging stakeholders in crowdsourcing and sharing ideas and feedback. Stickyworld's flexible platform makes project engagement easy.

Create time and space to engage, collect ideas and feedback

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 Getting everyone you need into the same room is tough; Stickyworld offers a simple cloud solution that creates more time and space to bring the people you need together to contribute to a project.

Portals enable the publishing of 'online rooms', where you can collect ideas, present and consult on proposals, or simply engage and educate your different stakeholder groups. 

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Make it easy and convenient 

Stickyworld offers project stakeholders a 24/7 opportunity to contribute ideas and feedback to projects, or have a say. It's visual and engaging, there's nothing to download, and it works on all modern browsers and is responsive to mobile, tablets and event projector screens. 


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Manage the full process

Room Organizer tools offer choice in method,media and configuration to meet your engagement objectives. Set moderation controls, engage with or without media and capture valuable ideas, suggestions or feedback, message participants and export data reports.

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Gain insight and control

Portal Adminisration tools over insights from all the engagement activity across multiple projects or discussions hosted on your portal. Import contacts, build stakeholder lists and set granular user permissions for internal staff or contracted consultants for any project.

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