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Stickyworld is seeking a junior developer who is passionate about programming and solving problems, and wants to become an awesome front end developer. You could have a couple of years experience in working at a company in web software development, or you could be a recent Computer Science graduate.

This role is primarily front end focused, the majority of the work will be in JavaScript, using front end frameworks such as React, Redux and other related libraries. Candidates will be working on single page web applications using Stickyworld’s REST API. Candidates should have good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and some basic knowledge around web development concepts, such as requests, responses, status codes, REST APIs, DNS resolution, components of a URL etc.

Candidates should have knowledge of the fundamentals of programming and if possible have some experience in developing web applications. Any professional work experience in the web development sector would also be highly valued in consideration for this role. We do appreciate that there is a lot to learn on the job, so candidates who are fast learners, keen for new knowledge and passionate about programming will be a good fit for Stickyworld. Successful candidates will be working within a small team, so will get to experience a broad range of aspects in web development, including but not limited to administering web servers, code development and deployment strategies, server side code development, cloud computing and infrastructure.

Essential requirements

You should have a good knowledge of computer science fundamentals, design patterns, data structures and algorithms. You should be passionate about learning new things and be willing to keep up to date with current front end development methods in this fast-paced constantly changing industry. Stickyworld developers regularly attend tech meetups around London to keep up to date with the current state of the art in web development, and we'd love you to join us.

Required experience and skills

  • Knowledge about JavaScript
  • Some experience working with jQuery
  • Should be aware of test and behaviour driven development and their benefits
  • CSS knowledge
  • Responsive design concepts
  • Comfortable running commands in a unix terminal
  • Ability to breakdown and estimate tasks
  • Work as part of a team

Desirable skills

  • Experience working with git version control
  • Devops or basic linux server management
  • Any experience with Django (python) would be beneficial to assist with micro-service development
  • Any PHP experience would be desirable in refactoring legacy code

If this role sounds like you could fit it like a glove, complete the short form below to tell us more about you. 



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Working at Stickyworld is fast paced, innovation focused and customer centred. We are headquarted in London UK, we work on all the popular cloud based technologies and employ the full range of disciplines that make B2B SaaS companies deliver ever more customer centred value.

Stickyworld Ltd is angel backed, we have ambitious growth plans, and are always keen to hear from talented inviduals who wish to join the team.

We generally do not hire via agencies.

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