Full Stack Senior Developer

Stickyworld is seeking a full stack developer with 5+ years web development experience for a role focused on front end development. We are seeking to re-write elements of our existing PHP-based product into modern, single page apps that interact with a REST API. The aim being to eventually replace our PHP backend with a Python Django API.

For this role, front end react.js development is the focus, however you should be familiar with PHP enough to navigate and understand an existing codebase, which will serve your front end code. You will be in communication with Stickyworld backend developers who will provide any API functionality and with designers who will provide hi and lo-fi designs.

Essential requirements

Candidates should have a good knowledge of computer science fundamentals, design patterns, data structures and algorithms. They should be passionate about learning new things and be up to date with current front end development methods.

Required experience and skills

  • Good knowledge of pure javascript
  • Experience working with React.js and Backbone applications
  • Some experience creating redux applications
  • Test and behaviour driven development
  • Experienced with jQuery and bootstrap
  • CSS and responsive design knowledge
  • Some devops experience and basic linux server management knowledge
  • Ability to breakdown and estimate tasks and agility to work to changing requirements
  • Leading junior developers and promoting good code quality
  • Ability to work as part of a remote team

Desirable skills

  • PHP experience desirable to assist in back end tasks
  • Experience with Django (python) would be beneficial to assist in micro-service development.

If this role sounds like you could fit it like a glove, complete the short form below to tell us more about you. 



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Working at Stickyworld is fast paced, innovation focused and customer centred. We are headquarted in London UK, we work on all the popular cloud based technologies and employ the full range of disciplines that make B2B SaaS companies deliver ever more customer centred value.

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