Rooms provide a powerful tool to manage engagement processes.

Set up.png

1.Set up 





Create a 'room' and decide the purpose, method, timeframe and relevant content or context for your project. Decide who is the target audience and plan how to promote it.


Prepare engaging content so that the audience can fully understand topics and issues before they contribute. Add information and links to your content to help explain more complex topics.

When you are ready, you can publish your room. Stickyworld will send email invites to anyone on the invite list, and if it's open to the public, helps you promote on social media.







When participants engage and comment, it is often helpful when organisers also engage too. Answer questions, thank participants for their comments or moderate to keep the conversations on track.

When it’s time to close participation, organisers need to review all contributions and comments, interpret the results or decide an outcome. Stickyworld enables clear sight of all the contributions and tools to export the data in PDF reports or CSV files.

When you have a decision or way forward it is important to publish results and send a message to all participants about the outcome. Stickyworld has communication tools to complete the cycle and start the next project.

Stickyworld software is engineered from the ground up to support a smarter online engagement process.  Organizers are offered a suite of tools to prepare and publish interactive content websites called 'rooms', supporting different formats of engagement such as ideas forums, consultations or design reviews. Organizers can set the time frame for opening participation, automatically publish invites and also close participation at a set time. Stickyworld makes it easy to organize the whole process in six easy steps.