Technology that engages people in  shaping a better world for everyone. 

The Mission

At Stickyworld, we’re on a mission to automate the collection, sorting and actioning of ideas, knowledge and feedback.  But this is not about the robots taking over. It is still people who are the source of the best ideas, knowledge and feedback. In fact it’s your people. It’s your customers, team mates and colleagues, staff, suppliers, wider stakeholders, investors, and members of the general public.

The trouble is, the current traditional processes for engaging people to capture and act upon their ideas and feedback are outdated and often inefficient.  Usually the traditional meetings, reviews, brainstorming workshops or consultations required to generate such insights are inconvenient to attend, or expensive to run. Also both the organisers and participants are often left none the wiser as to the outcome.  Today’s professional organisers lack the tools they need to undertake this vital business discipline effectively and efficiently.

For several years now, Engagement Automation technology has helped marketing and sales professionals engage their prospective customers in learning about new products and services and taking action towards a purchase.

But automation is yet to be applied effectively to the world of knowledge work, and designed  to help professionals develop better businesses, products, services, places or customer experiences through the engagement of their various stakeholder groups who could input.

This is our mission.

At Stickyworld, we’re bringing engagement automation technology and thinking to day to day engagement activities in the world of work to help accelerate the process of collecting, sorting and acting upon people’s best ideas, knowledge and feedback.

Our Vision

We believe a truly customer-centric future only lies in the timely access to more knowledge, actionable ideas and timely feedback from all the stakeholders involved in any condition or proposal for change, however small. Engagement of all the right stakeholders at the right time will result in better outcomes and experiences for everyone.


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