Why Choose Stickyworld?

 Multiple use cases, interactive content tools and scalable pricing makes Stickyworld the most flexible, visual and cost-effective way to involve your stakeholders in your projects, development or change programmes.

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Unlike dedicated ideas management or consultation platforms, Stickyworld is not restricted to who or how you engage.  As an all-in-one solution it enables any user in an organization to quickly publish a participatory website to suit their engagement purposes, audience type, topic, method of engagement, timeframe and objectives.

Visual and interactive

Flexible configuration settings and interactive content tools enable presentation of all kinds of materials to create a rich visitor experience. Quick and efficient to set up, Stickyworld helps you manage your engagement process with participants in a timely fashion to drive actionable results.

Cost effective

The more you use it, the more you save each time. With granular roles and permissions, Stickyworld can work for individuals or teams or organizers. You can collaborate with co-organizers or invite external consultants to organize on your behalf, all data being captured in a single place and always accessible.

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