Confers 360

The most efficient way to manage feedback or share knowledge about any interior, building or public space using 360 VR photography or CGIs.

Confers 360 is an add-on suite of tools for any spatial projects which enables you to build virtual tour presentations using 360 VR photography of Computer Generated Images (CGIs).


Whether you are considering small improvements to the workspace, or designing on a city scale, Confers 360 will help you capture clear & timely feedback from all your stakeholders.  


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Build 360 virtual tours of existing or proposed environments and capture structured and qualitative feedback from stakeholders.


Manage Ideas & Feedback on Existing Environments.

Present and discuss any 360 photograph of buildings or outdoor space. Create a range of time-based activities for:

  • Discussing Site Inspections
  • Briefing Workshops
  • Highlighting Opportunities for Change
  • Workspace review


Review and Consult on Proposals

Export 360s from your CAD or BIM models to capture a range of feedback from different stakeholders with different expertise or interests.Use Stickyworld 360 with:

  • Design Reviews
  • Planning Consultations
  • Logistics Planning

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Host Q&A sessions on completed projects.

Export 360s from your CAD or BIM models and ask specific questions to capture a range of feedback formats from different stakeholders with different expertise or interests.At this stage of the project you can use Confers 360 with:

  • Handover Training
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • Real Estate Customer Engagement


Confers 360 works for individuals and teams working on any kind of spatial design or improvement project across a wide range of industries.

Architecture & Interiors


For architects, use 360 for site inspections, design review, and post occupancy evaluation.

Landscape & Urban Design


For landscape and urban designers architects, use 360 for site inspections and build virtual tours of public realm.