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Stickyworld travels to San Francisco on Clean+Cool Mission

Stickyworld has joined 19 other innovative "cleantech" and sustainability companies on the Clean + Cool Mission to San Francisco. 

The mission is an opportunity for our CEO, Michael Kohn, to meet US customers, partners and investors, learn lessons from current innovation and breakthrough models emerging from the US, and also share stories from our UK energy and cleantech customers who use Stickyworld for their stakeholder engagement.

Michael will be posting more on his findings in US in a future post. Read on to learn more about cleantech and why cleantech projects such as Project SCENe are implementing continuous stakeholder engagement to help achieve a successful project outcome.

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Stickyworld is listed on UK Government Digital Marketplace

Stickyworld is now available on the UK Government Digital Marketplace under the G-Cloud 9 framework. This makes it even easier for public sector organisations to purchase Stickyworld subscriptions and meet their consultation and crowdsourcing needs, in a fully supported all-in-one solution.

Listed here under the 'Cloud software' lot, public sector buyers can now procure our specially designed G-PRO services, providing a cost effective, flexible and fully supported way to publish a range of participatory websites for different projects and change programmes, and to capture, evidence and act on the ideas and feedback of any stakeholder group, whether local communities, private stakeholders, or staff.

With the annual G-PRO service, customers can publish as many participatory websites as they want on their portal, and they have access to continuous consultancy and training from our team. This supports maximum success and use of the Stickyworld platform in multiple ways across the organisation, to capture more ideas and feedback from stakeholders for transparent, inclusive and informed decision-making.

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Customer education and engagement with Stickyworld virtual tours

Project SCENe is one of Stickyworld's current Research and Development projects. It's high profile because it's about accelerating the adoption of 'green' community energy schemes in the UK. 

We are central to the project team's capability to explain to a new community of homeowners at Trent Basin in Nottingham, UK, about the benefits of participating in such a scheme and to encourage uptake. If the project does this well the team will learn and create a blueprint for the future. 

It's a complex idea so, to demystify and explain it, I've been using Stickyworld's unique capabilities to create virtual tours

Stickyworld virtual tours are a really clever way to invite your customers to explore a complex environment or idea and to engage with you online. Virtual tours have huge potential for lots of use cases in different industries and projects so I wanted to share what I have been doing. 

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5 ways Stickyworld can bring customer collaboration to the heart of your innovation research project

A great idea for an innovation research project and a stellar set of project partners to deliver it doesn't always mean a successful outcome. Understanding the perspectives of potential users of the innovation can make its impact so much greater. This means embedding the capabilities to ensure customer and stakeholder needs are listened to and addressed throughout each stage of the project.     

I've been working on some complex innovation research projects involving Stickyworld, most recently for Project SCENe, and I wanted to share five ways our cloud-based platform makes it easy to put customer-collaboration at the heart of your innovation research.  

  • Keep reading if you are developing a research proposal or running an innovation project and want to understand how our online tools for customer collaboration could be helpful for your research. 

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Digitising Custom Build: join us on 15th September to discuss putting the customer first with smarter digital communications.

In today’s world organisations have to dance to the beat of customers at every stage of the buying process. Putting the right capabilities in place to listen and respond to customer needs and expectations can be hard, complex and expensive. Over the last 18 months Stickyworld has been working with partner organisations to overcome this challenge for the UK’s growing custom build housing sector. The team has been developing and testing new tools, processes and platform capabilities as part of the Innovate UK funded Digitising Custom Build project.

As a culmination to this project, the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA) are hosting a free one day event on 15th September at the Building Centre in London. If you work in and around housing, and are interested in the Custom Build route, we'd love you to sign up here. This is an unmissable event for custom builders which will help you better understand how your organisation can embrace customer-centred digital innovation to scale for the future.   

You can also read more about the event and why our CEO Michael Kohn thinks digitising custom build is a good idea in Custom Build Strategy magazine.   

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Here's a quick way to understand Stickyworld in a single picture.

Recently we were invited by the Future Cities Catapult to present at one of their lunch and learn sessions and share some stories about citizen engagement projects by customers using our platform. Little did we know that their thank you note would be in the form of this superb illustration, crafted by visual artist Juan Felipe Caro who works at the Catapult. We were thrilled as it synthesizes a lot of information about our technology, the process and value it offers in a really clever and creative rich picture. As the saying goes "A picture tells a thousand words".  

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Collaboration, communication and user involvement enhance the design process. Read Design Intelligence interview with Stickyworld's CEO

Design Intelligence, the magazine published by the Design Futures Council, has recently featured a thought-provoking interview with our CEO, Michael Kohn. It’s worth a read by anyone wanting to design and create smarter, user friendly, sustainable and innovative products, buildings and spaces that truly meet our needs in our digital, data rich world. Michael talks about the skill sets designers and architects need in this new context as clients look for more evidence-based decisions, and the commercial opportunities opened up by a more inclusive design process. You can read the full article "Entrepreneurship and the Architecture of Involvement" here or download a PDF.   

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Why enabling wider collaboration between all stakeholders will be key to building a successful #Smartcity

In cities across the globe lots of smart people are working on defining, designing and implementing the next new ideas for Smart cities. But these projects are just the beginning of a step change in how our cities will evolve and better serve their citizens. Rome famously wasn’t built in a day. Our future Smart cities will take years of hard work by thousands of individuals and organisations all working well together to implement change.

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Why we need to encourage more #citizenengagement with #Smartcities

Recent research by Arqiva and YouGov found that 96% of respondents, selected from the British population, were unaware of any Smart city projects run by their local councils. According to Arqiva, nearly a quarter of those taking part in the poll were also unclear about any one main benefit of these initiatives.

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