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Recently we were invited by the Future Cities Catapult to present at one of their lunch and learn sessions and share some stories about citizen engagement projects by customers using our platform. Little did we know that their thank you note would be in the form of this superb illustration, crafted by visual artist Juan Felipe Caro who works at the Catapult. We were thrilled as it synthesizes a lot of information about our technology, the process and value it offers in a really clever and creative rich picture. As the saying goes "A picture tells a thousand words".  

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Collaboration, communication and user involvement enhance the design process. Read Design Intelligence interview with Stickyworld's CEO

Design Intelligence, the magazine published by the Design Futures Council, has recently featured a thought-provoking interview with our CEO, Michael Kohn. It’s worth a read by anyone wanting to design and create smarter, user friendly, sustainable and innovative products, buildings and spaces that truly meet our needs in our digital, data rich world. Michael talks about the skill sets designers and architects need in this new context as clients look for more evidence-based decisions, and the commercial opportunities opened up by a more inclusive design process. You can read the full article "Entrepreneurship and the Architecture of Involvement" here or download a PDF.   

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Why enabling wider collaboration between all stakeholders will be key to building a successful #Smartcity

In cities across the globe lots of smart people are working on defining, designing and implementing the next new ideas for Smart cities. But these projects are just the beginning of a step change in how our cities will evolve and better serve their citizens. Rome famously wasn’t built in a day. Our future Smart cities will take years of hard work by thousands of individuals and organisations all working well together to implement change.

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Why we need to encourage more #citizenengagement with #Smartcities

Recent research by Arqiva and YouGov found that 96% of respondents, selected from the British population, were unaware of any Smart city projects run by their local councils. According to Arqiva, nearly a quarter of those taking part in the poll were also unclear about any one main benefit of these initiatives.

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How to make a great welcome video: 10 Top Tips on video presence


Do you prefer being behind the camera instead of infront of it? Probably because you feel uncomfortable and awkward speaking on camera. Or possibly you just simply don't like the way you look on screen!  Stickyworld now offers native video support so there's no excuses for not welcoming your visitors and inviting them to get involved with a friendly informative video. These top tips explain how to present yourself and calm your nerves infront the camera. Read on and you'll be looking like a natural in no time.

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Industry agreement that citizen engagement is a key priority for #SMARTCITIES 

Citizen engagement is increasingly being recognised as one of the pivotal activities to get right for Smart cities projects to take off. The Smart Cities Council reports that there was agreement across industry experts talking at last week’s Smart Cities Week in Washington D.C. of the need to ‘talk more and listen more’ to citizens. 

According to the Council, IBM highlights that “until citizens understand the value of the solution…they won’t embrace it”, and Siemens, “we need to be more intune with their [citizen’s] needs.” There was also a really interesting comment from a strategy leader at Leidos, an engineering company, that a Smart city happens in “incremental steps”, accentuating the need for ongoing two-way conversations.

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Promoting your online planning consultation. Here's five methods.

Gone are the days when it was acceptable to simply organise a couple of planning exhibitions and expect everyone interested to turn up to fill in a survey to show you have consulted. Like 'tick the box', but literally. Now people are turning more and more to online consultation and engagement solutions, it’s important to develop a plan of how to promote.

In this first post on promotion tactics, I'll outline a range of steps that every consultation organiser should consider when promoting an online consultation with 5 tactics that we advise our customers to consider when using Stickyworld, but which should apply to many other platforms too, the principles are the same.

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Prince's Trust #GETHIRED for Startups 

Last Tuesday 15th September, I attended a 'Get Hired' event at The Prince's Trust. Before the event, I attended a session that MassChallenge had organised with the Trust. Here I learnt what great opportunities The Prince's Trust gives to hundreds of young people looking for jobs, internships, apprenticeships and even just work experience. For any startup with a lot going on and only a few pairs of hands, their programmes provide a brilliant opportunity to get the help of talented young people, without burning a hole in your pocket!

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How to edit the location of tweets and comments in 5 easy steps!

If you have recently organised a twitter walkabout you may have noticed that some of your tweets are not showing up in the right place on your map page. It may be because the author of the tweet hasn't enabled the precise locations settings on Twitter. Twitter have recently introduced 'precise location' as a new feature,  and this must be enabled when your participants are creating tweets.  I explained  how to set location settings in Twitter  in a previous post and I've now updated this. Make sure to let your participants know at the start of any walkabout and test out your tweets.

But say you do have a lot of tweets mapped in Stickyworld but you now find they are not in the right place, don't worry as you can now edit the location of your tweet. In fact, as an organiser you can now edit or add the location of any comment if you know what it is in 5 easy steps. Read on to learn how.  

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