Writing more engaging headlines for your visitors and participants

by Claire Hopkins on April 27, 2018
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A strong headline sets up your engagement activity for success. 

This post provides advice on how to write a great headline in your Stickyworld online workshops, forums and consultations, to inspire participants to get involved and contribute ideas.

It's for organisers who are new to using Stickyworld, and in the process of preparing online activities. 

A 3 minute read, with some useful examples.

Headline 4

The headline is the first thing people see on your landing page. Getting it right is critical because it's the main way you encourage and convince participants to view and share your content, and how you convey what you want them to do. 

In Stickyworld, the engagement headline is the main text on the landing page. This is followed by the Call-To-Action (CTA) button "Get started".

A good headline should be read with the CTA and together this should always make sense to your intended audience. Coupled with the adjacent timeframe for participation, this headline should offer a sense of your engagement intent and purpose.

There are some good, easy to follow rules to stick to, and once you have these sorted you'll be able to repeat the process in the future. 

So what's the secret to a good, shareable engagement headline? 

Encourages action 

You want your headline to inspire action. To move your participants from awareness of your project to engaging with you about it. So: 

  • Tell them what the activity is. 
  • Be direct.
  • Add a command. 

Stickyworld includes a default headline option of 'Have your say'. Edit this and add your own top line message welcoming participants to the activity and stating clearly what you want them to do. 

Headline image 2

Easy to understand and share 

Make your headline frank, uncomplicated and easy for everyone to understand. Think about how clear it will be when it's shared with others online. Will they understand what they are being asked to do?

  • Don't use long or complicated words.
  • Stick clear of difficult terms and jargon. 

In Stickyworld, this engagement headline is the default copy that is used by Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in their posts. Whilst any user sharing this can change the message, it's important that the default engagement headline will also make sense in this context.Headlines sharing imageShort and sweet 

Shorter headlines are much easier to read, and it's much easier for your participants to take on board what you are asking. 

  • Edit your message.
  • Get to the point.
  • Keep it brief and precise.

Stickyworld enables you to write up to 120 characters, approximately 18 words, but you won't always need this capacity.   

Just remember, don't shorten it so much that you lose the original context. For instance, if there is a location associated with your engagement, mention it.  This will stand out in any social sharing.

Southend example

Quick recap

With a strong headline you've taken a step forward in convincing your participants to engage with you online.  

Make your headlines:

  • Commanding so they encourage action.
  • Easy to understand and share.
  • Short and precise.  

Hope you found this useful. If you have any comments or additions to this post, please leave them below. We always love new ideas.

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