Communications and PR Agencies

For marketing communications and PR agencies looking to support online engagement, Stickyworld plugs into any website and combines multimedia, interactive communications and data analytics. 

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Best in class communications and stakeholder engagement 

The responsibilty to engage with your client organisation's stakeholders means you need to talk to and involve many groups of people. This can be hard work. It's difficult, time intensive and expensive to involve these different groups of people in your activities, and to provide evidence of engagement to your clients. 

Traditional online communication solutions don't cater for involving wider groups of people and the responsiveness and interaction required. They also don't provide a means of co-ordinating and maximising activities to provide best in class, integrated offline and online communications.      


There's an easier way

Stickyworld offers communication and PR managers a simple, effective way to create, manage and evidence wider stakeholder engagement activity. It can help you meet the high standards of communications expected of you.        

Unlike traditional technology approaches, Stickyworld enables a more interactive presentation and explanation of activities, and supports contextual commenting, a wide choice of visual media and engagement methods including surveys and forums, CRM and tools to analyse and evidence engagement. Available 24/7, Stickyworld portals can be standalone or plugged into any website, and other communications activities can be integrated so you have co-ordinated engagement across channels.   

Stickyworld can be used for any client project, from building visitor involvement with roadshow to creating more engagement for education and issues-based marketing campaigns.   

Benefits for your client's stakeholders

Stakeholders benefit from a visual, interactive online solution which makes it easy for them to understand activities, stay informed or get involved at a time to suit them.

Benefits for you as an organiser  

Offers you choice and control whilst saving you time and money in organising and evidencing communication activities. You have the data analytics you need to measure engagement and impact.    

Benefits for your organisation 

Stickyworld helps you provide best in class, integrated marketing communications, and the ability to maximise and combine offline and online communication activities.  

Benefits for your client's organisation

Supports a culture of transparency and a responsive, customer-first approach enabling customers and stakeholders to be at the heart of the organisation's decision-making.


Bring customer centric collaboration to your clients

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