Energy and Utilities

For energy and utilities providers, Stickyworld offers a powerful stakeholder engagement and collaboration solution, helping you understand expectations, identify performance improvements, and subsequently align business operations.

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Embed smarter stakeholder engagement across your organisation



Suppliers working across the energy and utilities sectors manage teams working on projects which affect a vast array of consumers and stakeholder groups. 

Communications and stakeholder engagement managers have a hard time engaging broad groups of customers and stakeholders and evidencing their involvement.

Regulatory bodies demand and incentivise excellent stakeholder communications and engagement. Today this means integrating both face-to-face and online methods.

There's an easy way

Stickyworld offers engagement teams a simple, secure and effective solution that scales to suit their needs, and integrates with face-to-face engagement. Unlike traditional technology approaches, Stickyworld enables a more interactive presentation and explanation of projects, and supports contextual commenting, a wide choice of visual media and engagement methods including surveys and forums, CRM and tools to analyse and evidence engagement.  

Stickyworld can be used for discussing every stage of a project, regardless of scale and location. A simple CRM makes it easy to manage stakeholder lists. Documents, maps, videos, plans and 360 virtual tours can be published to invite discussion and feedback from different groups of people. Other communication channels can be integrated and automatic reporting simplifies providing evidence of engagement to industry regulators.  

Benefits for customers and stakeholders

Your customers and stakeholders benefit from a visual, interactive solution which makes it easy for them to understand activities, stay informed or get involved at a time to suit them.

Benefits for communication and engagement professionals

Stickyworld saves engagement professionals time and money in communicating with and engaging stakeholders. Whether in public or private we offer the tools and supporting services to help you succeed. 

Benefits for your organisation 

Used across the organisation, Stickyworld helps capture valuable insights, enriches a Stakeholder CRM and helps improve business planning, delivery and performance with your customers and wider stakeholders at the heart of decision-making.



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