Visitor experience

Visitors and participants enjoy a more visual, interactive experience that encourages informed participation to help you achieve your engagement objective.

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Visitors have 24/7 access to a dedicated portal and can explore multiple topics and join different rooms.



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Easy to find 

It’s easy to discover public consultations directly in your website.


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Clear and accessible 

Visitors are greeted with a customised welcome message and ‘How it works’ page providing clear guidelines and links to accessibility information.



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Participate anywhere 

Stickyworld works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices so people can access your portal on the go wherever they are.



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Choice on registration 

Visitors can choose to remain anonymous and participate as a Public Visitor, sign in with Facebook or with their email address.






Visual, Informative and Engaging 

A great image on your landing page, and interactive media in rooms with hotlinks to further information, provides an engaging experience.



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Point of view 

Visitors can zoom in on interactive media and place a sticker on an exact location to provide clarity to their comments.





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Transparent conversations 

Visitors can reply to comments, share, or like each others comments. Inappropriate comments can be flagged. 



Participant_Keep up to date .pngKeep up to date 

Portal members can opt in to receive email alerts when comments or replies to comments are made, and can get in touch with organisers at any time.



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