Services to support your stakeholder feedback programmes with Stickyworld.

Training Programmes

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All our plans include basic onboarding.  We offer additional affordable training programme that scales with your organisational or project needs, including remote and on site training programmes.

Consultancy & Strategy 

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For critical projects we can offer a Digital Stakeholder Engagement Strategy  to ensure you are maximising the opportunities that online engagement offers, minimises your risks and maximises your return on investment.

Content Preparation

Our team can offer a concierge service to help you prepare interactive presentations on your portal on your behalf, ready to be used in a wide range of feedback activities.  Just send us your content, and we'll invite you to review and make unlimited changes before you are ready to publish.


Technology Customisation

For Enterprise Clients, our development team can develop bespoke templates to match your established processes. We can build integrations, custom features, and mobile apps for capturing onsite content an accelerating preparation and publication of feedback activities.

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