Why Project Engagement

& Feedback Matters


Good Project Engagement And Feedback Pays Off 

When people are not given a chance to offer feedback, the risk that project outcomes are misaligned to Client expectations increases.

When everyone you need is engaged in your project, success is shared all around. The project delivers better value for your Client. 

Traditional Project Feedback Processes are Broken 

Engaging people at the right time to contribute their suggestions and feedback to your project shouldn't be a costly and impractical process.


The trouble is, when you work on important projects, with lots of different stakeholders who represent different interests or expertise, engaging and involving everyone you need as the project progresses can become a gruelling and impractical process.

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Existing Project Tools Are Lacking


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Project Management Software?

Project management and file sharing tools are great for task management and file sharing. However they often don't help you:

  • Engage and explain proposals to a wider stakeholders
  • Invite everyone's feedback within specified timeframes
  • Capture timely feedback needed for building confidence
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Survey Tools?

Surveys can be a great way to get large volumes of feedback on a wide range of topics. However, even the best surveys are usually:

  • Lacking visual context needed for complex projects
  • Restricted to one-way feedback
  • Only as good as the questions you think of

So What Are The Basic Challenges?


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People's calendars almost always clash.  It seems almost impossible to get everyone you need into the same room at the same time. This stretches out the project duration and drives up costs.

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You need to invite people to engage in your project in the right way. People need to understand the context of your request to contribute and feedback, and to understand how their contributions will be used.

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You need to prepare the right material to set the context, explain the various parts of your proposal to different groups of people. Often there's not sufficient time in meetings to discuss ideas in full detail.
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You need a way to for people to engage and offer feedback and suggestions. You need to set different rules of engagement, sometimes at early stages you want to encourage discussion. Other times you need more structured decisive one way feedback.
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Once you have some feedback,  you need to review what people have told you and make a decision about what to do next. Should you make small tweaks or radical changes?

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You need to report back to your stakeholders what the outcome is and ensure everyone is aware of the way forward. You need to do this in a way that creates a transparent searchable audit trail of decision making. 

Your Project Needs Dedicated Engagement & Feedback Software

We've built a solution to the specific problem of managing project feedback. Each Activity is built around a 4-stage process for organising different kinds of feedback opportunities, and is highly configurable to suit different stages of any project.

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Stage 1: Prepare your activity

Process bars

Upload presentations, set timeframes, set rule of engagement and prepare invite lists. 

 Stage 2:  Engage with Stakeholders

Engage with stakeholders who subscribe to the activity, reply to their comments or questions.

Stage 3:  Review Results

Process bars (2)Review engagement and responses, and conclude discussions.

Stage 4:  Report Outcomes

Process bars (1)-1Feedback decisions on outcomes and next steps to everyone involved.


 Learn How It Works


Overcome The Practical Challenges


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Feedback Opportunity Extended

With a tool to publish time-limited activities, including workshops, reviews, consultations and Q and A sessions, you've extended everyone's opportunity to have a say and impact the project.

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Full Context Explained

By publishing interactive presentations that really explain the full context, you've enabled stakeholders to contribute in more relevant and meaningful ways.

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Clear Feedback Captured

With a means to capture, review and analyse different forms of feedback, including contextual feedback placed directly upon proposal details, you have a better idea what people actually think about the project or proposals.

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Decisive Outcomes Shared

With a means to publishing the outcome derived from everyone's feedback, you can now easily keep stakeholders engaged and informed throughout the project.

 What Some Of Our Customers Say

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“Sharing video and panoramic photography made our online consultation really real and engaging for people contributing to its success.”

Kieran McSherry, Sustrans

“Stickyworld is really simple to set up and use and gave us a great way to make our consultation open and accessible to as many people as possible.” 

Kathryn Hearnden, Canterbury City Council


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“Using Stickyworld has allowed us to take engagement to another level as part of both formal and informal gathering of ideas, comments and observations.”

Kim Smith, Royal Borough of Greenwich


“Using Stickyworld gave us a great way to reach out to lots of different stakeholders to ensure our proposals were informed by a broad array of perspectives.” 

Nidhi Baiswar, Head of Sustainable Design and Construction, Bouygues UK,


Benefits For All Involved


For Organisers


Quick and easy way to record stakeholder feedback.


Contextual feedback easier to report on and action.


Delivers the feedback exactly when you need it.


For Stakeholders


Quick and easy way to submit feedback.


Mobile, tablet or desktop; nothing to download.


Participants stay informed of any outcomes.


For Clients

Manage Risk

Identify stakeholder concerns that can stop a project in its tracks.

Slash Costs

Cut expenses associated with outdated methods of engaging.

Increase Productivity

24/7 access for all stakeholders keeps the project on track.

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