Why Choose Stickyworld?

The easiest way to involve your stakeholders when creating or improving
products, services, technology, buildings or places.

Engage throughout the full project lifecycle.

Create one-off engagement activities or deploy at every stage of your project. Work with maps, images, PDFs, videos or 360 VR. Engage from ideas workshops, manage multiple consultations and reviews, right through handover training sessions and end user onboarding.

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By Use Case

Engage and consult Stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle. Flexible configuration settings powers countless use cases and enables you to publish different activities to engage stakeholders at any stage of your project

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By Stakeholder Group

Whether you need to engage the client body, the end users, the consultant team, whether you are managing private focus groups or large public consultations, Stickyworld adapts to engage your specific stakeholder group or audience.


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By Organisation Type

Whatever your industry, Stickyworld gives organisations a convenient consultation portal that makes it easy to involve project stakeholders and manage feedback loops across a range of project types.

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